Best File Hosting Service?

December 30th, 2017

I am looking at switching from rapidshare to another file hosting service now that rapidshare is slowly committing suicide by enforcing download caps and other ~lol~ restrictions like killing links to almost all files uploaded
I need a fast reliable and popular file hosting service to switch to that i will still be able to download as many if not more of the same files you would find on rapidshare the most popular appear to be Netload
I need to be able to queue up files and then leave them to download in a queue in a download manager like Internet Download Manager (IDM)
Please vote on which one you use and which one is best and tell me why you think the one you use is the best

Answer #1
megaupload has to be the best next to rapidshare. fast speeds, you can queue files up with a download manager as well. just like rapidshare, you can also get points earned and get yourself a MU premium account. also, every night between 9-3am happy hour begins and you can download any file, any size, and as much as you want. i believe it supports up to 400mb file upload as well (i could be wrong but i am not sure).
Answer #2
Why have you made a new topic when you already had one asking the same question?
If you had reported your post and asked a moderator to add the extra options you wanted and maybe time/dated (GMT) them the moderator would of adjusted it for you.


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