Belkin wireless router drops internet

November 30th, 2013

So iv got the belkin F7D3402v1 (latest firmware).. I originally brought it to use as a router but now its being used solely as a wireless access point.
Anyway when i brought it to use some time ago we had the problem that it would drop the internet connection multiple times a day and id physically have to reset it to get it to work again.. so we switched back to the old router and have had no problems since.
Now im using it as an access point for its wifi and its doing it again.. it doesnt just drop the Internet for devices connected to it physically, it drops the internet on the router which is actually hooked up via phone line and i physically have to go out and reset that to get the internet to work on any device no matter which devise its connected to..
Anyone no whats going on or how to fix it?

Answer #1
Have you tried a factory reset, and then upgrade to the latest firmware ?
Go to it’s web interface (
I think it’s in the Utilities tab – Restore Factory Default
Confirm that you want to lose all your settings – then wait for it to restore and reboot.
I’m pretty sure that they don’t ship with a password, but you might want to check the documentation that you got with it, or look at the Belkin site.
Upgrade the firmware.
*Edit – if that doesn’t work, RMA it if under warranty – if not, bin it.
Answer #2
i had to ditch my Belkins router because of this. i’d advise you to get in touch with Belkins support and state the problem is widespread and is not only affecting you which is true and they know its true. ask to be upgraded to the latest range, router models starting with F9xxxxxxxxx
you can contact belkin via the net, live chat which will then be escalated and you’ll be contacted via a chat log on the belkin site to which you’ll have to agree a replacement model, push them for the new range because the one you have is well documented to drop connections, google it for evidence if required theres enough out there. an RMA will be sent to via email for print so you can send the router back, its pre paid BUT pay an extra £1 at the post office for recorded delivery or you could be left with nothing!
i wasn’t able to obtain the latest range out of them because it wasn’t released in the uk at the time so i got a refund instead. from what i’ve read there is still some issues with the connection dropping on the new range so its your choice, accept an upgraded replacement and test, if it plays up ask for a refund or just ask for a refund from the go and buy another compatible router.
lastly belkins suck!!! their router were fine for a while but have since gone off track.
the router your using is for ADSL, which ISP you with?
Answer #3
Cheers for the help, contacted them and it has been escalated, just waiting on them now.
Answer #4
which ISP you with mate?
Answer #5
also keep us updated mate on things including the performance etc. of the upgrade


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