Battlefield Bad Company 2 crack for latest patch.

October 16th, 2020

Wasn’t sure where to put this.
Been driving myself insane looking for a crack for the current latest patch for BFBC2. Looked all over Google for one and I’m always met with a dead end. The mini image daemon tools thing doesn’t work for me. If anyone could provide me with a no cd/dvd crack for the latest patch (June I believe) I would greatly appreciate it.

Answer #1
i have found Battlefield.Bad.Company.2.Patch2-RELOADED
says This patch updates the game to version 522175
is this the one you need? pm me if it is
Answer #2
That one was released in march. The latest was released June 29th I believe (Pretty sure its v553292). I’ve purchased the game legitly. Just looking for a no-dvd crack so I can play without the disc.
Answer #3
I have the same problem!
Answer #4
No crack guys, only Daemon Tools and a mini-image


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