Automatic Folder syncing via FTP? (Similar to DropBox)

November 27th, 2013

So I have a web hosting account sitting around which isn’t doing much. I just had an idea: I want to make something like DropBox, but host it on my server. This way I can upload without any account cap (I have more than 20GB free). Is there a way I can somehow make a folder (like the drop box folder) and automatically upload any files in there via FTP? I don’t mind if it only syncs lets say ever 30 mins, but I do want it to be automatic.
Anyone know of a program? I can’t install any services on the server, so it has to be FTP/FTPS or http/https.

Answer #1
You can set up scheduled tasks in Windows with this, not sure if it’s what you are after ?
Answer #2
Try typing your topic title into Google and see if any of that helps.
Automatic Folder syncing via FTP


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