Are all rips the same?

November 21st, 2020

I have the first 1 full dvd of gta IV successfully mounted etc. from this link
However I just cant unpack the second dvd’s rars. winRar constantly tells me to locate the next file so I do then it comes back again.
Anyway this doesn’t bother me too much. I was just wondering if I could download the 2nd dvd from another post. I thought it might be ripped differently, by some one else, the one I was downloading was by Razor 1911. And in that case it might not work with the first dvd?
would this work? Any help greatly appreciated

Answer #1
Yeas…Just download DVD2…It will work…If you can download Razor1911..That would be better..
Answer #2
No, not all RIPS are the same because one person will make it smaller, one will make it bigger, others will have different names, etc.
You can’t combine pt1 from X user, and pt2 from Y user. It just won’t work.
Answer #3
That is not a rip..It’s a full 2 DVDs Razor1911 release..And yea..The title can confuse things..


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