Antec Cp-850&Cooler Master HAFX942

January 29th, 2014

Hello Friends
I want to know Is Antec cp-850 PSU fit in HAF X942?And what you say about PSU is it good enough SLI(Msi GTX560ti Hawk).or any other suggestion

Answer #1
Get a Corsair AX series if you can afford it.
If not, get the TX v2.
Answer #2
Thanks for your quick reply.
This one is out of my range and TX750 is not available in our country…..can you suggest me more i have sandybridge i7 2600K PC and Msi 560ti Hawk sli………….
My range is around 100USD to 120USD
Answer #3
tapal replied: This one is out of my range and TX750 is not available in our country.....
Where exactly do you live? Might help….
Answer #4
i live in PAKISTAN.
Answer #5
CP 850 PSUs will not fit in a regular case designed for ATX PSUs. They’re outdated anyway and should be avoided.
Answer #6
So what you recomand me?i have COOLER MASTER HAF X942 FULL TOWER CASE
Answer #7
any one?need quick suggestion please
Answer #8
nobody there?
Answer #9
Nobody could answer your question because we don’t know what you have available where you live.
Answer #10
i have few options
1.Xigmatek NRP-MC 702
2.Xigmatek NRP-MC 802
3.Xigmatek NRP-MC 1002
Cooler Master GX750
Corsair 800GS
Antec 775Wblue
So now your recommendation???
Answer #11
i need quick repley plz is there anyone how preffer me a very good power supply
Answer #12
The Antec 750W Blue is probably the True Power New 750. If it’s available go for that.
Answer #13
What you think about THERMALTAKE TR2 800W-NON MODULAR (TR-800PCEU)


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