After reformatting, Download speed constantly changes

December 25th, 2019

I just reformatted my comp, fresh install of windows 7, prior to the new install, my downloads were at a constant 1-1.5 mb/s. and now during the download it changes from 60kb/s-1.5mb/s. Anyone know what is wrong ?
Answer #1
Other people in your house?
Your router??
Your Modem??
Your ISP???
Your recovery partition = infected??
You on the wi-fi’s?!
cmd >> netstat -n
(what is all using your connection?)
It is hard to say…
Answer #2
did u reinstall the drivers for the ethernet port on ur computer…drivers can be found under support on ur computer manufacturers website…
Answer #3
Yeah check if your Wireless is turned On. Also try what Crackajack says and incase also try out the TCP Optimizer
Answer #4
Had the same problem, try doing some network tweaks, that will help.


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